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Social Networking Platform For A Better Community Life!

Palmarks aims to improve community life via social networking. It is the application that connects people from the near vicinity and helps them to interact, collaborate, and serve each other based on their geographical location.

Pals create Mark on the map which is simply a post that contains some content and associated location. By looking at the map-based interface, a pal can identify the nearby event, job posts, or service required in that specific area.

Palmarks joins pals to provide them better opportunities and solving problems together for raising living standards. 

Our Story

While living in the 21st century, it is impossible to imagine life without Social Media. Connecting worldwide is now just a click away. By using Social Media, everyone knows people living on the other side of the Pacific. But unfortunately, no one knows the person living next door. Lack of moral values and zero patience has been instilled in societies by the use of social media. People who want to do something for the betterment of society cannot find any opportunity to render their services.

In this world of pessimism, Palmarks holds itself responsible to bring change in society. Such a change will cause people living in proximity to cooperate for raising living standards and helping each other. It leads the people towards Ideal Neighbourhood by establishing an immediate connection.

This connection will help people to collectively work for society. They will find some opportunities to work for uplifting living standards, fixing civic flaws, and helping each other through their services.


Mark types

Types of Marks a Pal can make on Palmarks

Provide services in near vicinity to earn a livelihood.

Announce job vacancies and hire people for your work.

Mention civic flaws in locality to discuss and solve with people around.

Appreciate the goodness, share your reviews and endorsements

Host events and broadcast your event in locality.


Towards Idealism


Phone: +92 321 762 4486

NUST - Technology Incubation Centre (TIC), Innovation Drive, H-12,
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000


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